Install with YAML

This guide covers how you can deploy Open Match on a Kubernetes cluster using static Kubernetes YAML files.


  • Kubernetes cluster, tested on Kubernetes version 1.27+

Install Core Open Match

Open Match comprises of a set of core services hosted in a Kubernetes cluster. The simplest way to install Open Match core is to use the 01-open-match-core.yaml for the latest release. This installs Open Match with the default configuration.

The 01-open-match-core.yaml contains:

  • Core Open Match service deployments.
  • A Redis deployment as Open Match’s state storage system.
  • HorizontalAutoScalars to auto-scale Open Match based on pods' average CPU utilization.

Here is the command to install the Open Match core in your cluster:

# Install the core Open Match services.
kubectl apply --namespace open-match \

After installing Open Match core services, here is the expected state for the pods for these services:

kubectl get -n open-match pod

NAME                                        READY   STATUS              RESTARTS   AGE
open-match-backend-76d8d76c96-fmhmn         0/1     ContainerCreating   0          3m53s
open-match-frontend-57fc9f6b66-86hxj        0/1     ContainerCreating   0          3m53s
open-match-query-799d8549d4-5qpgx           0/1     ContainerCreating   0          3m53s
open-match-swaggerui-867d79b885-m9q6x       0/1     ContainerCreating   0          3m54s
open-match-synchronizer-7f48f84dfd-j8swx    0/1     ContainerCreating   0          3m54s
  • If you are proceeding with the Getting Started, or following the Tutorials, proceed with this guide to install the default Evaluator and configure Open Match to use it.

  • If you finished reading the tutorials and are building your own custom matchmaker and need to deploy a custom evaluator, then skip the next step and instead use the Customization Guide for steps to customize your Open Match installation.

Install the Default Evaluator

Run the below command to install the default Evaluator in the open-match namespace and to configure Open Match to use it.

kubectl apply --namespace open-match \
  -f \

Delete Open Match

To delete Open Match and the corresponding sample components from this cluster, simply run:

kubectl delete namespace open-match

What’s Next

Follow the Getting Started guide to see Open Match in action.

Last modified January 18, 2024