Documentation Editing and Contribution

How to contribute to the documentation.

Editing the documentation is pretty simple if you are familiar with Markdown.

Simple Edits

If you want to make simple edits to a page (changes that do not require formatting or images) and you’re not an approver.

  1. Click the Edit this page link at the top right of the documentation page you want to edit.
  2. You’ll be redirected to an editor, make your changes there and click Propose file change.
  3. Your changes will be reviewed, make any adjustments and submit.

Advanced Edits

If you’re adding a new page, changing the landing page, or making substantial changes.

  1. Check out the repository.
  2. Create a branch via git checkout -b mychange upstream/master.
  3. Run make run-site to start the webserver. It’ll be hosted on http://localhost:8080/.
  4. Open your favorite editor and navigate to the documentation which is stored at $(REPOSITORY_ROOT)/site/content/en/.
  5. Make your changes and run git commit -m and git push
  6. Follow the GitHub Pull Request workflow to submit your changes.


This site and documentation are built with a combination of Hugo, static site generator, with the Docsy theme for open source documentation.

Last modified January 18, 2024