Guides on using Open Match

Matchmaking using Open Match

A deep dive into building an Open Match based Matchmaker.

Invoking Open Match APIs

This guide covers how you can invoke Open Match APIs.

Instrument Open Match with Telemetry Supports

This guide covers how you can monitor your Open Match deployment.

Evaluator and Synchronizer

Details of Open Match Synchronizer and Evaluator and how to configure them.


Details of Open Match Backfill.

Customize Core Open Match

This guide covers how to customize your Open Match deployment.

Access Open Match Endpoints

This guide covers how to access Open Match Services when they are set up with Cluster IP or with External IP.

Production Best Practices

This guide covers the best practices to configure and deploy Open Match for production setups.

TLS Encryption

This guide covers how you can enable TLS transport encryption.

Last modified January 18, 2024